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How to take winter action shots

Watch Canon Ambassador, Richard Walch, explain how to capture dramatic action shots in winter snow and explore handy techniques for shooting fast-moving subjects. Learn how choosing a high shutter speed will help you capture crisp details, why a telephoto lens helps to separate your subject from its background and why panning shots will help you get striking results.

If our high-speed action video has inspired you, why not get outside and capture the energy of the winter season?

Although it’s a time of hibernation for some, life rarely slows down in winter. Urban fairs and festive markets are exciting places to capture the motion of fairground rides. Try capturing the whirling lights of a carousel or the faces of people on a waltzer.

If you’ve got a dog, why not take a ball and make the most of a winter walk together as you capture that bundle of energy. Look out for other wildlife too. Birds in flight will give you plenty of moments to get the shot you’re looking for.

Winter sports offer even more chances for great action photos. Try shooting skaters as they carve up the ice, capture daring swimmers plunging into numbing lakes or runners as their feet pound against the hard winter ground.

Once you’ve captured your take on high speed winter action, share it on our for the world to enjoy.