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Your photos, our favourites: Action and sport

This month, you’ve sent us a selection of striking images based around the theme of action and sports. Each of these images offers a unique perspective and encourages us to get out and capture the moment. Here’s a selection of our favourites and the stories behind them.

Tornado by Gaudenz Gerig

“I took this shot at Balangan Beach, Bali, Indonesia. After an exhausting surf lesson in the morning I was sitting at the beach taking some rest, talking to a surfer I’d met. He told me that no matter what happens, they always look for a nice, long and regular wave. The weather was good for the last couple of days, but that morning some clouds were coming from the sea, passing in front of our beach. A tornado appeared at the horizon, coming down from the clouds until it touched the surface of the sea. I had my camera gear with me, and fortunately my Canon 70-200 lens was already mounted. I grabbed the camera, quickly adjusted my settings and shot a couple of frames. After the surfer rode the wave, he saw the tornado but acted like he didn't care about it and swam back to the front. The tornado was complete (from clouds to sea level) only for a couple of seconds, so I was very lucky to find those two subjects at the right time, in the right place.”

Willancourt by Vincent Lescaut

“I took this shot one Sunday afternoon at a motocross race in Willancourt, in the Belgian countryside. I wanted to capture a moment and convey a sense of excitement and motion. It was a challenge to freeze the action so I spent a long while waiting to get the right shot.

I spent a long time following the subject, using my camera to pan across the scene. I wanted to accentuate the speed effect and to hide the background, as it wasn't particularly aesthetically pleasing or important. I just wanted to focus on the different colours of the bike and the rider relative to the track.”

Seagulls by Alexandra Simionov

“I took this photo in Thassos in summer 2015 when my boyfriend was feeding the gulls. They were quite used to being fed and were nagging people. The same thing had happened the day before so I was prepared for how fast they move. It was quite a unique experience and I'm happy I was able to capture the moment. I used a fast shutter speed of 1/800th of a second to freeze the action.”

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