Urbex photography with Andy Kay

The desire for adventure and exploration lies at the very heart of photography and this wish to explore and capture has seen increased interest in urban exploration and urbex photography. Andy Kay has spent the last three years exploring. He compiles detailed chronicles and absorbing images of abandoned theme parks, ruined mansions and derelict industrial buildings, and depicts their unique stories.

Andy is part of a diverse community of explorers who are drawn together through their interest in architecture, photography and an all-encompassing love of adventure. He positions his approach to urbex as somewhere between artistic and documentary in style, as he sets the context for those drawn to his images to give them a more comprehensive experience.

He explains:
“Visiting locations that have been left to decay, exactly as they were the day they closed gives a real insight into the lives that were lived there or the work that was done there. Anyone can visit a museum and be shown the past, but to immerse yourself in it and get the raw experience is something else.”