Remote shooting from new angles

The most creative images are often achieved by seeing a scene from a different perspective. This could literally mean standing above a crowd of people to take a group shot, gaining safe access to the top floor of your office to shoot a cityscape or simply holding a camera above your head at a concert. While capturing images in this way may not always be practical it can be rewarding.

Thankfully, our remote shooting technology allows you to capture shots from interesting angles and to push your creative boundaries. You can put yourself in the frame for group portraits or superb selfies – and shoot unpredictable subjects like wildlife from a distance, without disturbing them.

Many of our latest cameras now make it simple to use your smartphone in the place of a regular viewfinder. It means you can control your camera from a distance. Simply connect your mobile device to your camera and start the Canon Camera Connect app. If you have NFC just tap the two together to create a connection. With your camera on a stable surface or tripod, you can then adjust the framing, focus and other settings remotely using your smartphone. It gives you the freedom to explore imaginative angles and create more engaging stories.

Remote shooting photos