Smooth Shooting and Sharing

Whether you’re shooting photos with a compact camera or movie footage on a DSLR, getting sharp results can sometimes be challenging. For decades, our innovative Image Stabilizer technology has helped photographers and filmmakers overcome camera shake. This unwanted shakiness can be a common problem when you’re zooming and focusing on something in the distance - or when shooting movies while walking or running.

Whichever camera you’re using, there are some simple tips for smoother, sharper shooting without a tripod. Firstly, try tucking your left elbow into your upper body to support your camera and keep it stable. Adopt a sturdy stance by standing with one leg comfortably in front of the other, slightly apart. Support your camera to help reduce any movement and pay attention to keeping horizontal and vertical aspects of the frame upright and level, particularly when you’re walking with the camera.

Our latest cameras offer 5-axis Intelligent Image Stabilizer which adapts to the scene you’re shooting to help achieve sharp images in low light or while at full zoom. While shooting handheld movies Dynamic IS offers great image stabilization even while walking or running.

Shooting smoother stills