hdbook EZ FAQ's

How many pixels are supported?

Maximum number of pixels: 10,000 x 10,000
Minimum number of pixels: Narrow side 480 pixels
(JPEG format)

What is the maximum number of images that can be read?

With hdbook EZ, up to 5000 images can be read and supported on Windows/Mac OS X and up to 2000 images on iOS and Android.

Can I upload images taken with smartphones or mobile phones?

Of course! Just ensure that the image files are in JPEG format

Are my images corrected automatically? Can colour tones be altered according to preference?

Whilst images are corrected automatically, colour tones unfortunately cannot be altered at this time.

All photos used in your album will be corrected automatically when clicking on the following: 'Album settings' → 'Correct image' → 'Automatic correction for all photos'. In addition, automatic photo correction can be performed on individual images during image editing with the 'Automatic photo correction' button.

Is it possible to ship photo books overseas?

At the moment, you can only send a photobook inside your country

I never received an order confirmation email!

If you don't receive your order confirmation email within 24 hours of placing an order, please contact us at store@canon.co.uk

How long it will it take for my order to be delivered?

Your order will be with you in 6-10 business days

Can I request to have my photo book gift-wrapped?

Unfortunately we do not offer a gift-wrapping service.

What is the barcode on the right side of the final page and the back cover?

The barcode is necessary for the binding process and this is also the unique identifier of the book (Book Number)

Please note that the barcode displayed on the preview screen is a generic image. The actual barcode on the printed product will differ.