Data-sharing: the next revolution in healthcare?

Using electronic health records to improve standards and control costs.

Data-sharing: the next revolution in healthcare?

Using electronic health records to improve standards and control costs.

Who should be responsible for citizen health?

The growing patient empowerment</br>movement within healthcare.

Active ageing: a solution to changing demographics?

Overcoming budget constraints in <br>response to an ageing population

Healthcare Vision

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Welcome to Healthcare Vision.

Research our findings in a world of ever-changing political, financial and social demands on healthcare.

Written in co-operation with the Economist Intelligence Unit, our Healthcare Vision magazine explores the emerging trends in healthcare provision, offering new ways to take advantage of change. It combines commissioned research and expert opinion, asking challenging questions and offering unique insight into the latest approaches to healthcare from around the world.

Healthcare Vision extends our commitment to innovation in healthcare that stretches back over 70 years.

Highlights Include:

‘All Change For Healthcare’
How these organisations are rising to the challenge of change management

‘Sharing & Caring’
Successful transformations in healthcare delivery through data-sharing initiatives

‘Empowering Patients’
Lessons in giving patients responsibility for their own health


Our healthcare research

50% say national governments should be responsible for making sure citizens stay healthy.

Yet 58% suggest that encouraging people to take responsibility for their own health is the best way for policymakers to improve citizens’ health while controlling costs.

And overall, only 16% think citizens are resistant to change.

These are just some of the responses to our Healthcare Vision flash poll from over 400 professionals across Europe. Commissioned by Canon and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, our survey investigates attitudes and approaches to the changing landscape of healthcare provision.

Timed to coincide with the launch of our Healthcare Vision magazine, these findings highlight the latest views from across Europe, offering an insight into innovative approaches to the way healthcare is provided.


Shaping tomorrow’s healthcare today

In healthcare, every day brings a new challenge.

Patients demand higher standards of care, professionals demand simpler ways of working and commissioners demand frontline and back office efficiencies.

Through our investment in technology and industry research, including our Healthcare Vision magazine, Canon is helping to address some of the key issues in healthcare today:

• End-to-end improvements in patient experience
• Cost management in frontline and back office services
• Fully compliant records management and peer-to-peer sharing
• Continual development and support as healthcare governance changes

Find out more about how we can apply the latest insight and technology to help your organisation meet the new challenges of healthcare provision.