Canon for Healthcare

Improving the quality of care using innovative technologies


Improving the quality of care using innovative technologies

At Canon we strongly believe that technology has a key role to play in making organisations more patient centric and improving quality of care. We are dedicated and develop healthcare technology that enables more effective diagnosis while reducing patient stress. Through services and solutions we seek to grow access to affordable healthcare for humans around the world. We have been working closely with healthcare organizations for over 75 years, in order to develop innovative technological solutions to meet different needs in diagnostic healthcare. Our today’s offer spans from document management to dedicated eye care and digital radiography solutions, to full range of diagnostic imaging solutions.

Our solutions and services

At Canon we invest 8% of our annual turnover in R&D, developing new technologies that meet specific healthcare industry standards, such as DICOM and HL7. Research shows that 60% of European healthcare professionals envisage widespread adoption of mobile technology in the near future*. That is why Canon continues to invest in services and solutions that will assist healthcare professionals, both today and tomorrow.

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