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Sustainable Healthcare

Following its philosophy of Kyosei Canon endeavors to contribute to extending human health and quality of life. We are dedicated to develop healthcare technology that enables more effective diagnosis while reducing patient stress. Through services and solutions we seek to grow access to affordable healthcare for humans around the world.

Read here Canon’s contribution to improving Tuberculosis Screening or read more about our Corporate Social Responsibility here.

About Us

At Canon we strongly believe that technology has a key role to play in making organisations more patient centric and improving quality of care. Centered around the fascination of the spectrum of light, optics and digital sensor technology, we have being working closely with healthcare organisations for over 70 years, in order to develop innovative technological solutions to meet different needs, from better document management to dedicated eye care and digital radiography solutions.

Digital Radiography solutions

Canon offers a complete range of Digital Radiography solutions for all areas of the hospital environment, for medical centers and even for field and rescue forces, operating in difficult terrain. Whatever the Digital Radiography application, wherever is needed, we supply the ideal solution.

Furthermore, DelftDI as part of Canon Medical Imaging Group, specialises in digital X-ray imaging systems, systems integration and service of a wide variety of customised complete solutions for radiology departments. DelftDI incorporates Canon's Digital Radiography Flat Panel Detectors (DR FPD) products in their services.

Eye Care solutions

Canon has been at the forefront of innovation in ophthalmic diagnostic equipment design since 1976. We aim to improve patient care by reducing examination times and improve efficiencies, resulting in a more patient-friendly experience. Canon's extensive line of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment spans Optical Coherence Tomography and cutting-edge digital retinal imaging, as well as associated intuitive control software, and fully automatic Ref-Keratometers and Tonometers.

Healthcare IT solutions

Canon now offer a range of healthcare solutions which allow healthcare professionals and patients to share data efficiently, resulting in, reduced costs, reduced workload and increased patient care. Canon’s aim is to ensure clinicians are equipped with an innovative, trusted and secure healthcare IT package which increases patient care and adds value and efficiency to healthcare institution’s workflows. Canon aims to ensure customers feel confident with the secure infrastructure of the product offering. We aim to provide an up to date range of supporting profiles which comply with IHE standards.

With the close collaboration of medical experts in every field, Canon is working on next-generation solutions.

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