Canon CXDI Control Software NE

CXDI Control Software NE

Canon’s NE Control Software is the control software of Canon’s digital radiography solutions, known for its outstanding imaging quality and performance.


  • Real-time viewing of high quality images
  • Large and high-resolution monitor
  • Optimized workflow with less steps
  • Active GUI for intuitive operation
  • Supporting various workflows
  • Suspend Exam
  • Emergency Study
  • PrePack Protocol Operation
  • Warm and Cool Colour Settings

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into Canon CXDI Control Software NE


Behind the high-end specifications of CsI technology, a bright intelligence is running to control and optimize the images taken allowing you to enhance your workflow. In the latest software releases we have advanced its functionality to improve performance even more.

Tailored presets

The NE Software first enables you to run your required tailored presets, adapting flexibly to any local needs, or imaging preference. Its seamless connection to the RIS and its protocol sequence of the positions in each study, ensures that you can work fast and move onto the next patient image with just a click. It gives you instant display of the image taken in high resolution within 1 second and ensures comfortable viewing on large touch screen with overview and less operation steps.

Clinical evaluations

As confirmed in various clinical evaluation studies conducted in Europe, Canon’s NE Control Software enables significant dose reductions when compared with previous technology: through a wide range of algorithms for dynamic formatting before saving, it optimizes the images with intelligent image processing parameters.

X-ray generator communication

Furthermore, the Canon NE Control Software is proven to be outstanding in communication with x-ray generator and brilliant in the non-synchronised mode, so you can work in any environment, flexibly, fast and securely.

Imaging without grid

Additional module in the NE software is the Canon Scatter Correction software for all body parts eliminates the need to use an anti-scatter grid during bedside radiography. “Use up to 60% less radiation while sustain image quality and reduce by 30% the detector handling weight.” Read the customer reference in the brochure.