Canon CF-1 Retinal Camera

CF-1 Retinal Camera


  • 50° retinal camera
  • High quality and high resolution images
  • 2 x digital magnification
  • Easy alignment and focus
  • Ergonomic design with intuitive controls
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • EOS Camera
  • Open connectivity and DICOM compliant

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into Canon CF-1 Retinal Camera

50° retinal camera

Very compact 50° retinal camera with 4 photography modes ; Color. Fluorescein Angiography, Red-Free and Cobalt imaging. Very comfortable and easy to use. Required pupil diameter only Ø 5.2 mm , even Ø 4.3 mm in SP Mode! Standard equipped with tilting unit for comfortable operation.

High quality and high resolution images

Excellent combination of famous Canon optics and EOS digital technology; all developed in-house to provide unsurpassed diagnostic image quality and speed

2 x digital magnification

Besides the true 50 degree image , a 2 x digital magnification provides a magnified image of the retina for viewing the details of the area of interest

Easy alignment and focus

For making flare free and focused images, the CF-1 has 2 small helpful features. By bringing 2 reflected light spots from the cornea into focus, a correct working distance can easily be found and the image will have no flare, for easy focusing on the retina , aligning the 2 halves of split lines will be sufficient

Ergonomic design with intuitive controls

For easy operation the CF-1 was designed for a one handed operation, all buttons are all grouped together . Other features are a built-in tilting unit, motorized chin rest and motorized filters

Compact and Lightweight

The CF-1 is very compact and light, making it easy to transport and it will consume less space in the hospital

EOS camera

The CF-1 is currently equipped with the EOS 50D with 15.1 Megapixel resolution. But it could easily be exchanged for a future successor model, so you will not miss out on any future advancement in digital cameras.

Open connectivity and DICOM compliant

The CF-1 with RICS has open connectivity permitting easy integration with existing patient information databases and it is fully DICOM compliant. Furthermore images can be printed directly and exported as JPEG or DICOM file.