Canon CR-2 Plus AF Retinal Camera

CR-2 Plus AF Retinal Camera

The CR-2 Plus AF is an Auto focusing Non Mydriatic Camera with Fundus AutoFluorescence (FAF) With the added auto functions, taking images with a Canon retinal camera has never been easier! The FAF photography mode will provide information on changes of the retina that can’t be made visible with standard colour photography. The 5 photography modes: Color, Red Free, Cobalt, FAF and Anterior Segment make the CR-2 Plus AF a very versatile retinal camera. It is equipped with a unique dedicated EOS camera for the highest image quality.


  • Auto Focus
  • Auto Shot
  • Automatic switch from external to retinal observation
  • Auto Diopter Compensation switch
  • Auto Exposure
  • Standard equipped with Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) mode
  • Anterior segment photography mode
  • Dedicated 24 Mega Pixel EOS camera
  • Stereo photography mode
  • Extensive software (bundled)

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into Canon CR-2 Plus AF Retinal Camera

Auto Focus

Fast and accurate automatic focusing.

Auto Shot

When the alignment, working distance and focus are correct, then Automatic photography will be performed.

Automatic switch from external to retinal observation.

After a correct initial alignment, the anterior eye observation switches to retinal eye observation mode automatically.

Auto Diopter Compensation switch

When reaching the end of the focusing range, the diopter compensation is changed automatically to the plus or minus side.

Auto Exposure

Correct automatic exposure, for perfect images regardless of the pupil size and ethnicity.

Fundus AutoFluorescence (FAF) mode

FAF provides information on changes of the retina that can’t be made visible with standard color photography.

Anterior segment photography mode

Additional macro lens setting for easy anterior photography. Color photography of the subject eye, the cornea and pupil and the sclera.

Dedicated 20 Mega Pixel EOS camera

Canon’s own EOS camera technology, with its renowned image processing capabilities, is adapted exclusively for Canon retinal cameras . It provides optimal retinal imaging.

Enhanced stereo photography function

Easy capture for stereo view, by using the stereo guide marks on the EOS LCD monitor, a stereo pair can be created and managed very simply.