The new Canon iPF750 and iPF755.

Introducing the art of using less to produce more.

 If you like the idea of spending less time and money getting a better result, don’t miss this opportunity.

Here’s how we give you more for less.

More Productive
· Multipage jobs printed over twice as fast* as a leading competitor (iPF755)
· AO prints in just 48 seconds
· “Hot Swap” ink tanks, changeable during production
· Compact design with full front operation and loading to save time
· Compatible with HP-GL/2 and HP-RTL for instant integration

More Accurate
· 0.02mm minimum line width and +/-0.1% line accuracy for fine lines, small text and detailed graphics
· Sharp lines, vivid colours and solid image consistency with Canon’s 5-colour ink system
· Outstanding quality for B&W and colour line drawings, full colour and 3D colour CAD drawings

Less Expensive
· Cuts ink consumption by a maximum of 30%* in economy mode compared to a leading competitor
· Full accounting package to track and manage costs

Canon’s extensive range of CAD and GIS printers from 24” (A1) to 44” (BO) is designed to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Start achieving more for less.
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*In comparison with a leading competitor. Results from a test commissioned by Canon through an independent laboratory: Buyers Laboratory Inc. The tests were conducted on the Canon iPF755 against the HP DesignJet T1100. The ink consumption data is taken from tests printing 3 documents in default and 2 documents in economy mode settings. The amounts of ink used in grams is as follows: -

Default Settings: Canon - Line Art = 81.5g, 3D CAD/CAM = 142.9g, GIS = 160.5g; HP - Line Art = 92.2g, 3D CAD/CAM = 127.6g, GIS = 188.8g.

Economy Settings: Canon - 3D CAD/CAM = 35.1g, GIS = 56.4g; HP - 3D CAD/CAM = 42.3g, GIS = 80.3g

The productivity results are based on an average time taken to complete 3 x 12 page test runs in colour and monochrome with both products in draft/fast, standard/normal and high/best quality settings, the results of these tests are as follows: -

Colour: Canon - Draft = 425.1 secs, Standard = 708.3 secs, High = 1,305.4; HP - Draft = 823.9, Normal = 1,398.7 secs, Best = 3603.2 secs.

Monochrome: Canon - Draft = 432.3 secs, Standard = 730.3 secs, High = 1,336.2 secs; HP - Fast = 801.3 secs, Normal = 1362.4 secs, Best = 3602.3 secs.

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