Design Check

After the poster has been fully designed to meet your needs, PosterArtist provides a proofing function to make sure your print has no design issues.

The Design Check feature analyses certain aspects of a completed poster, such as colour schemes, superimposed objects and font size, and alerts the user of any potential design issues.

On the tool bar, select the Design Check icon. When the icon is selected a warning symbol is displayed within the poster if there is a problem or if the output of the poster will not meet expectations. For example, if the Design Check detects text superimposed over an image or different fonts used together, it will display a warning icon at the relevant location. If a warning symbol is displayed within the poster you may click on it in order to receive a full explanation of the warning and a preventive method for the problem.

These are some of the problems that are detected by the Design Check feature:

- Low image resolution
- Text over image
- Object over image
- Too many different fonts

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