Page Capture

The Page Capture feature of PosterArtist gives you the flexibility to send Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheet graphs, for insertion into your posters.

With Page Capture, documents or images are brought into a thumbnail screen where the user can then simply drag-and-drop them into PosterArtist. You can also choose the order or size of the files to be placed in the poster and add text. This function provides a simple way to create posters from material that is already created.

In order to utilise this feature the imagePROGRAF Printer Driver must be installed. The Page Capture feature begins within the Printer Driver and ends in PosterArtist. After the images and documents have been placed into the poster, you are still able to adjust the poster in order to get the look you want.

You can still use all the other tools that are available within PosterArtist. For example you can change the colour of the background even after all documents have been placed into the poster, or you can add clipart of images that are housed within PosterArtist.

*This feature is only available on Windows 32 bit.

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