LONDON, 23rd September 2019: We like to see ourselves as problem solvers. So we've teamed up with PrinterLogic in EMEA to help alleviate the problem of driver management. Nobody is talking about it and it’s about time somebody did, especially as there is a solution out there.

We don’t blame you for not prioritising driver management. It’s just another thing on a never-ending list for you. It’s time-consuming and if something goes wrong that means even more man-hours wasted. We want to change that.

Driver management should be about reducing manual workloads, streamlining infrastructure and putting productivity first. But that’s just not the reality for a lot of businesses. That’s where we come in. We now offer a simple driver management solution from PrinterLogic, either on premise or through the cloud which helps you reduce costs associated with cumbersome infrastructure and improve productivity. That means you can free up resource, instead of investing in more.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a straightforward solution from PrinterLogic. Driver management. Made simple. An admin console acts as a single hub. Just open the console to review and check users’ devices and deploy or upgrade printer drivers, all from one simple portal. The console takes it all from there. Automatically managing and updating settings, even in a mixed fleet and device environment. Save time and reduce human errors.

We understand that your business is growing and your fleets are more distributed than ever before. That’s why we’ve brought you PrinterLogic’s self-service portal that enables users to access and install printers based on location – it even gives them a map of printer locations to help them find their way. Don’t worry though, user settings are still applied. Now, they can be more productive with self-administration and you can spend less time on support calls.

“We’ve made driver management as simple as opening a console to deploy or upgrade printer drivers,”

said Jonah Livingston, Managing Director – EMEA at PrinterLogic. “This partnership with Canon allows us to offer a fully integrated central repository for driver management while saving time, valuable resources and ultimately saving money for your business.”


“We’re proud of this partnership and the opportunities it offers,” says Taz Nakamasu, Executive Vice President, Document Solutions, Canon Europe. “Not only is our portfolio one of the most complete on the market today, but by continuing to collaborate with leading solutions providers like PrinterLogic, we can ensure you get the best technology, end-to-end, all from one single supplier.”