PIXMA ink cartridges

Some things work better together. That’s why it makes sense to use Canon genuine inks and photo papers, designed in harmony with PIXMA printers, to deliver the best possible results. For beautiful, long lasting print quality, trust Canon engineered inks.

Why use original Canon consumables?

Genuine Canon inks bring out the best in your Canon printer, so you are always assured of exceptional results. Canon inks will keep your Canon printer going at peak performance.

Brighter, more accurate colours

The genuine Canon ink formula lets you achieve incredibly bright and accurate colours that make photographs truly memorable. Skin tones look very natural while bright colours are vivid yet realistic. The pigment black ink used for printing documents produces crisp, clear prints of small letters and sharp lines.

Long lasting photos

Original Canon inks and photo papers are made for each other. As a result you can produce superb quality prints at home that are resistant to fading long after printing. Printing with our photo printers using genuine ChromLife100, ChromaLife100+ or LUCIA inks on Canon photo papers protects your images for a lifetime.

Protect your printer

Canon’s unique FINE print head technology used in every PIXMA printer delivers outstanding image quality and high-speed document printing. With ink nozzles opening diameters as small as small as 0.009mm it is important to use inks formulated specifically to work with the precise FINE print heads. Genuine inks maintain print quality and prolong life of your printer.

How to recognise genuine inks?

Canon genuine ink cartridges come in two types of the packaging: paper or plastic. Below you will find information on how to identify them.

Paper ink packaging

Copy of [MASTER] Picture_XL-inks

To help you recognize a genuine Canon ink a unique Canon hologram is included on the cardboard type packaging of all genuine ink cartridges. The holograms have unique features which change its appearance depending on a viewing angle. Words ‘Canon’ and ‘Genuine’ appear when viewed from certain angles and graphics change from straight lines to wavy design.

Plastic ink packaging

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The blister (thermoformed plastic) type of packaging provides retail stores with optimal product protection and efficient shelf presentation. The unique and exclusive to Canon shape of the blister ink packaging combined with its high quality finish (printing and sealing) ensure you can easily recognise a genuine product. Our blister ink packaging is made of minimum 70% recycled materials.

Find information on the type of ink systems and the technologies behind the PIXMA inks. Understand how the number of pages you can print for each ink is being calculated and how much you can save with XL inks.

FINE Cartridges

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FINE Cartridge system gives you maximum convenience with only two cartridges to replace. The colour cartridge contains Cyan, Magenta and Yellow inks for colour printing while the black cartridge contains pigment black ink for text printing. This system is typically used in the entry level printers.

Single Inks

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Single ink system optimises ink efficiency as each of the ink colours has its own individually replaceable tank - so you only replace individual colours as they run out. With 5 or more ink colours the single ink systems provide high-quality printing and are used in mid-range and high-end printers.

Save money with XL inks

Save money on genuine Canon ink with the optional high yield XL cartridges which allow you to print more for less. Save with Twin Packs and Multipacks - these convenient bundles offer great value.

Ink yields

Whether you are buying a replacement ink cartridge or a brand-new printer, the number of pages you can print from a single ink cartridge – also known as the ‘ink yield’ – is an important consideration.

Consumables finder

Find the right cartridge or ink tank and paper for your PIXMA printer with the consumables finder. Create high quality long lasting photos or professional looking documents with genuine Canon consumables.