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Simplify, plug and play solutions

Simplify - Plug and play to reduce complex admin


Without the right tools, it’s easy to get distracted by time-consuming admin. For example, if you don’t have in-house IT expertise, it’s harder to handle today’s complex document processing technology. And productivity suffers if employees who work remotely can’t easily access the documents they need.

Our out-of-the-box document solutions simplify day to day admin, leaving you free to focus on the tasks that really matter.

Simplify, Leeds City Council boost productivity while cutting costs, using plug and play solutions from Canon

Case study

Find out how we helped Leeds City Council optimise their print service, to improve productivity while cutting costs and waste.

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Customer Applications

Managed Print Services for SMB

managed print services for small and medium businesses
Boost productivity by freeing staff from the challenge of managing and maintaining your small business print service. As well as ensuring your system is optimised and fit for purpose, we can give you better insight into your printing habits – enabling you to cut costs and waste.

Out-of-the-Box Document Solutions

out of box document solutions
Boost productivity by investing in our document solutions products, with advanced features for handling paper and digital documents. Easy to set up, use and maintain, our products’ compact size means they fit anywhere – saving valuable space.

Efficient Document Output

efficient document output
Help your employees work better, by providing them with document output tools that deliver a fast and easy user experience, and allow print jobs to be retrieved from any networked device. Our secure release technology also allows staff to share the same printer without compromising confidential information.

Mobile Office Enablement

mobile office enablement
Allow your workforce to print, scan and process documents remotely, so you can reduce delays and mistakes – boosting productivity and improving customer service. By reducing the need for paper documents, our mobile office tools also save you time and money, while improving information security.

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