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Where to find your serial number

The location of your serial number varies between different Canon products. The serial number is a combination of numbers and/or letters, without spaces or special characters. Please ignore any numbers or letters that appear in brackets.


The serial number for your imagePRESS will be a sequence of 8 alphanumeric characters.
You can locate the serial number using the [123] button or printed on a label on the machine, as explained in the instructions below.

Using the [123] button:

Please follow the instructions below to obtain the serial number:

1. Turn on the machine and press the [123] button highlighted in the image below.

2. Depending on the machine type, the serial number will be displayed on the first screen

or it will be displayed after selecting [Check Device Configuration] and clicking [OK].

Location on the machine:

You can find the serial number printed on a label on the back of the machine near the power cable.

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