Canon European Warranty System Information

The information below details the Return to Base Warranty terms and conditions.

Warranty information

In the event that a Canon product develops a fault, our customers are covered by the Canon European Warranty System (EWS) which ensures that the fault is resolved free of charge for a limited period of time after purchase (terms and conditions apply).

The EWS is comprised of two different service offerings and the offering that is applicable to you is determined by your location and the product you have purchased.

Return To Base EWS:
For most Canon consumer products, a Return To Base service is offered. If a product develops a manufacturing fault during the warranty period then it must be returned to a Canon approved repair facility where it will be repaired free of charge by Canon authorised technicians. Your product will be returned to you when the repair is complete.

For full terms and conditions of all warranty types, please click on the relevant warranty offering below -

Imaging Products European Warranty System (EWS)

Canon and the EWS-members warrant the hardware of this product to be in good working order during the warranty period. In the event that the hardware is found to be defective within the warranty period, hardware repair service will be provided free of charge at the authorized Canon service centre(s) in the countries of membership of EWS.

EWS service free of charge may be obtained only against presentation of this warranty card together with the original invoice/cash ticket issued to the customer by the retailer, and if the warranty card states (a) the purchaser's name, (b) the retailer's name and address, (c) the model name and serial number, if any, of the purchased product and (d) the date of purchase of the product. Canon reserves the right to refuse warranty service if this information is not complete or has been removed or changed after the original purchase of the product by the consumer from the retailer.

Canon further reserves the right to replace the defective product with another equivalent product which has the same or better quality to the defective product, instead of repairing the defective product.

1. Warranty period

This warranty is valid for one year* from the date of purchase by the consumer (three years for Projectors** & ninety days for Projector lamps), as evidenced by the abovementioned documents.

* PIXMA G1400 / G1500 / G2400 / G2500 / G3400 / G3500: one year or 30000 prints, whichever occurs sooner.

** XEED 4K501ST; XEED WUX500ST; XEED WUX6500; LV-X420; LV-HD420: 3 years or 6000 hours usage, whichever occurs sooner. / XEED 4K600STZ: 5 years or 12000 hours usage, whichever occurs sooner.

2. To obtain warranty service

Warranty service is available in the authorized Canon service centres.

Any costs of secure transportation of the product to and from the Canon service centre will be borne by the customer. If the product is brought into a country which is not covered by EWS and which does not accept the warranty card, the product must be returned to the country where it was purchased in order to benefit from the warranty.

3. EWS- Members:

For full details of the warranty offered in individual countries please contact the relevant EWS member.

4. Limitations

Canon and the EWS-members do not warrant the following
- Periodic check-ups, maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear
- Consumables.
- Any software.
- Parts subject to wear (e.g., video heads, projector optical parts, waste ink pads and guide rollers) as well as supplies and accessories (e.g., batteries and recording media) including, but not limited to, tapes, DVD, memory card and detachable HDD used with this product are not covered by this warranty.
- Defects caused by modifications carried out without Canon's approval.
- Costs incurred by Canon service centres in making any adaptations or modifications of a product necessary for country specific technical or safety standards or specifications, or any other costs to adjust the product as a result of any specifications which have changed since the delivery of the product.
- Damage resulting from the fact that a product is not conforming to country specific standards or specifications in another country than the country of purchase.

Warranty repair service is excluded if damage or defects have been caused by:
- Improper use, excessive use, handling or operation of the product as referred to in the users' or operators' manuals and/or relevant user documents, including without limitation, incorrect storage, dropping, excessive shocks, corrosions, dirt,water or sand damages.
- Repairs, modifications or cleaning carried out at a service centre not authorized by Canon.
- Damage caused directly by the use of spare parts, software or consumables (such as ink, paper, toner or batteries), which are not compatible with the product. Compatibility with your specific Canon product should be evidenced on the packaging but is assured when using genuine Canon spare parts, software or consumables as these have been tested. You are advised to check compatibility prior to use.
- Connecting the product to equipment not approved for connection by Canon.
- Inadequate packaging of the product when returning it to the authorized Canon service centre.
- Accidents or disasters or any cause beyond the control of Canon, including but not limited to lightning, water, fire, public disturbances and improper ventilation.

5. Others

Repair service may be delayed when performed outside of the original country of purchase because the product is not yet sold in that country or sold in a country-specific design. Accordingly, certain spare parts for the product may not be in stock in the country of repair.

It is the responsibility of the customer to backup and save any software files and programs before repair and to restore the same after such repair.

Canon assumes no responsibility for any other claims, including, but not limited to, loss of recording media and loss of data etc., not specifically stated in this warranty. When returning the product for warranty service, please pack it very carefully, insure it, enclose the bill of sale and warranty card, the instructions for repair and (if applicable) a sample of recording media on which the pictures taken by the product are store.This warranty does not affect the consumer's statutory rights under applicable national legislation in force, nor the consumer's rights against the retailer arising from the sales/purchase contract. In the absence of applicable national legislation, this warranty will be the consumer's sole and exclusive remedy, and neither Canon nor its subsidiaries or other EWS members shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express or implied warranty of this product.

These warranty terms and conditions are offered to you by canon without prejudice to any statutory rights that you may additionally have with regard to the products covered by these terms and conditions

If you have any further enquiries regarding the European Warranty System, please contact us using the e-mail support or telephone support option.

Mitgliederliste Rücksendungsgarantie

Der Rücksendungsgarantieservice wird in den unten aufgeführten Ländern im Rahmen des Canon European Warranty System (EWS) angeboten.
Es gelten die Bedingungen der EWS-Rücksendungsgarantie von Canon.

Land Helpdesk Website
Österreich 810081009 http://www.canon.at/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Belgien (Niederländisch) 02 6200197 http://nl.canon.be/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Belgien (Französisch) 02 6200197 http://fr.canon.be/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Belgien (Deutsch) 02 6200197 http://www.canon-europe.com/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Bulgarien service@canon.bg
Zypern Support_Nic@demstargroup.com
(+357 2) 274 2222
Tschechische Republik +420296335619 http://www.canon.cz/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Dänemark 70 20 55 15 http://www.canon.dk/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Estland overall@overall.ee
+372 630 0500
Finnland 020 366 466 http://www.canon.fi/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Frankreich 170480500 http://www.canon.fr/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Deutschland 069 2999 3680 http://www.canon.de/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Griechenland Produits photo/vidéo Canon : +302 10 364 0777
Produits impression/numérisation Canon : +302 11 999 1260
Camera Repair
Info Quest Technologies
Ungarn 612355315 http://www.canon.hu/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Island (354)5697600 http://www.nyherji.is/
Irland (353) 1890 200 563 http://www.canon.ie/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Italien 848 800 519 http://www.canon.it/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Lettland info@ibs.canon.lv
+371 67 20 40 80
Litauen csc@sergita.lt
+370 (5)2756629
Luxemburg (Französisch) 27 302 054 http://www.canon.lu/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Luxemburg (Deutsch) 27 302 054 http://www.canon-europe.com/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Malta Avantech Ltd - +35621486899 – info@avantech.com.mt http://www.avantech.com.mt/
Norwegen 23 50 01 43 http://www.canon.no/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Polen 225834307 http://www.canon.pl/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Portugal (+351) 214245190 http://www.canon.pt/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Rumänien cristian.dorobantu@crisprofessionalservices.ro
+402 13246281
Slowakei (+421)250 102 612 http://www.canon.sk/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Slowenien (+386 1) 546 1000 http://www.3a-servis.si/
Spanien 901 900 012 http://www.canon.es/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Schweden 08 519 923 69 http://www.canon.se/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Schweiz (Französisch) 0848 833 838 http://fr.canon.ch/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Schweiz (Deutsch) 0848 833 838 http://de.canon.ch/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Schweiz (Italienisch) 0848 833 838 http://www.canon-europe.com/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Niederlande 020 7219 103 http://www.canon.nl/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Großbritannien und Nordirland 0844 369 0100 http://www.canon.co.uk/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx

Kontaktdaten Vor-Ort-Garantie

Der Vor-Ort-Garantieservice wird in den unten aufgeführten Ländern im Rahmen des Canon European Warranty System (EWS) angeboten.
Beachten Sie, dass die Vor-Ort-Garantie nur für die in dieser Liste gültiger Produkte genannten Produkte gilt.

Es gelten die Bedingungen der EWS-Vor-Ort-Garantie von Canon.
Wenn die vor-Ort-Garantie nicht für Ihr Produkt gilt, können Sie den Service im Rahmen der Rücksendungsgarantie in Anspruch nehmen. Informationen hierzu finden Sie unter Rücksendungsgarantie-Informationen.

Region Details Beschreibung
BELGIË Service uitsluitingen Geen
Canon helpdesk 02 6200 197
Openingstijden Maandag tot vrijdag: 09,00 - 17,00
Online support http://nl.canon.be/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
Belgique Service restrictions Pas de restrictions
Centre d'appel 02 6200 197
Heures d'ouverture Du Lundi à Vendredi: 09,00 - 17,00
Site internet http://nl.canon.be/Support/consumer_products/index.aspx
ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA Servisní restrikce
Help desk číslo (+420) 296 335 619 - Poplatky se mohou měnit v závislosti na poskytovateli služby; ověřte si u Vašeho poskytovatele přesnou výši poplatku.
Otevírací doba Pondělí - Pátek 9:00 - 17:00
Internetový odkaz na technickou http://www.canon.cz/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
Danmark Service-begrænsninger Ikke brofaste Øer er ikke dækket af On-Site Service. Grønland og Færøerne er ikke dækket af On-Site Service.
Canon help desk 70 2055 15 - Prisen kan variere afhængigt af teleudbyderen. Du kan få oplyst den nøjagtige pris hos din teleudbyder.
Åbningstider Mandag til fredag: 09:00 - 17:00
Web support link http://www.canon.dk/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
Deutschland Einschränkungen Die Vor-Ort-Garantie gilt innerhalb von Deutschland (Festland ohne Inseln)
Canon Helpdesk 069 / 29 99 36 80 - Die Kosten für ihren Anruf hängen vom jeweiligen Vertrag mit Ihrem Telefonanbieter ab. Bitte erkundigen Sie sich bezüglich der Gebühren für ihren Anruf (Mobiltelefon- oder Festnetznummer) direkt bei Ihrem Telefonanbieter.
Öffnungszeiten Montag bis Freitag: 09,00 - 17,00
Web support link http://www.canon.de/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
España Restricciones del Servicio Disponible en el territorio Español (Península, Islas canarias y Baleares)
Número de teléfono de Atención al cliente (Help Desk) 901 900 012 - El costo de la llamada puede variar dependiendo de su proveedor de telecomunicaciones, por favor consulte con su proveedor para conocer los cargos exactos.
Horario de funcionamiento La linea Help Desk es accesible desde las 09:00h hasta las 17:00h CET de Lunes a Viernes
Vínculo a la Web de soporte de Canon http://www.canon.es/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
FRANKREICH Service restrictions Par intervention technicien sur site à J+2. Service disponible à partir du 06.01.06 en France métropolitaine uniquement.
Centre d'appel 01 70 48 05 00 - Les tarifs peuvent varier en fonction de votre opérateur téléphonique. Contactez votre opérateur téléphonique pour connaître le tarif exact.
Heures d'ouverture Du Lundi au Vendredi: 09:00 - 17:00
Site internet http://www.canon.fr/Support/consumer_products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
IRLAND Service restrictions For Republic of Ireland to perform the service during the next working day after your call is logged.
Help Desk number (353) 1890 200 563 - Calls are charged at a local rate. The charges can vary depending on telecom provider; please check with your telecom provider to find out the exact charges.
Opening hours Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
Web support link http://www.canon.ie/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
Italia Restrizioni al servizio Le richieste di intervento ricevute entro le ore 12,00 verranno gestite entro: Isole minori 3 giorni lavorativi. Sicilia, Sardegna, Calabria, Basilicata e Puglia 2 giorni lavorativi. Resto dell'Italia il giorno lavorativo seguente. Le richieste di intervento ricevute dopo le ore 12,00 verranno gestite entro: Isole minori 4 giorni lavorativi. Sicilia, Sardegna, Calabria, Basilicata e Puglia 3 giorni lavorativi. Resto dell'Italia 2 giorni lavorativi.
Numero telefonico di supporto 848 800 519 - Le tariffe possono variare a seconda del gestore della linea telefonica. Rivolgersi al proprio gestore per ulteriori informazioni.
Orario di apertura Lunedi a Venerdì: 9:00 am - 17:00 pm
Collegamento al sito di supporto http://www.canon.it/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
Luxemburg Service restrictions Pas de restrictions
Centre d'appel 27 302 054
Heures d'ouverture Du Lundi à Vendredi: 09,00 - 17,00
Site internet http://www.canon.lu/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
MAGYARORSZÁG Korlátozások Munkaszüneti és ünnep napokon a helyszíni szervizszolgáltatás nem vehető igénybe
A Vevőszolgálat telefonszáma 06 1 235 5315 - A hívás díja a telefonszolgáltatótól függően változhat, kérjük, telefonszolgáltatójától tudakolja meg a pontos hívásdíjakat.
A Vevőszolgálat elérhető Hétköznap reggel 9 órától délután 5 óráig
Online segítség kérése az alábbi linken http://www.canon.hu/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
Nederland Service uitsluitingen Geen
Canon helpdesk 020 721 91 03 - De kosten per gesprek zijn onder lokaal tarief. Deze kosten kunnen verschillen per telefoonmaatschappij. Neem voor informatie over de exacte kosten contact op met uw telefoonmaatschappij.
Openingstijden Van Maandag tot Vrijdag: 09:00 - 17:00
Online support http://www.canon.nl/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
Norge Service begrensninger For fjerntliggende strøk i Nordnorge, vennligst aksepter nestfølgende arbeidsdag + 2 arbeidsdager.
Canon kundestøtte 23 50 01 43 - Prisen kan variere avhengig av telefonleverandøren. Kontakt din telefonleverandør for å få nøyaktige prise.
Åpningstider Mandag til Fredag: 09:00 - 17:00
Online support http://www.canon.no/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
ÖSTERREICH Einschränkungen Keine.
Canon Helpdesk 0810 0810 09 - Der Anruf erfolgt zum Ortstarif. Die Gebühren können je nach Telefonanbieter unterschiedlich sein; bitte erkundigen Sie sich diesbezüglich direkt bei Ihrem Telefonanbieter.
Öffnungszeiten Mo-Fr: 09:00 - 17:00
Web support link http://www.canon.at/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
Polska Ograniczenia serwisowe Wszystkie zgłoszenia do Pomocy Technicznej po godzinie 15:00, realizowane będą w dniu następnym + 1 dzień.
Telefon do Pomocy Technicznnej 22 583 4307 - opłata według taryfy operatora świadczącego usługi.
Czynne w gdzinach Od Poniedziałku do Piątku: 09:00 - 17:00
Pomoc Techniczna On-Line http://www.canon.pl/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
PORTUGAL Restrições ao Serviço "on-site" (no local do cliente) Efectuado apenas em Portugal Continental. O serviço "on-site" não está disponível nas regiões Autónomas dos Açores e da Madeira.
Número telefónico de suporte (Nº de HelpDesk) 21 424 51 90 - Os custos poderão variar dependendo do operador telefónico; por favor verifique com o seu operador telefónico os custos exactos.
Horário de Funcionamento O serviço funciona de segunda a sexta-feira das 9:00 às 17:00
Endereço de Suporte via Web (link) http://www.canon.pt/Support/Consumer_Products/index.aspx
Schweiz Einschränkungen Keine.
Canon Helpdesk 0848 833 838 - Die Gebühren können je nach Telefonanbieter unterschiedlich sein; bitte erkundigen Sie sich diesbezüglich direkt bei Ihrem Telefonanbieter.
Öffnungszeiten Montag bis Freitag: 09:00 - 17:00
Web support link http://de.canon.ch/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
SLOVENSKÁ REPUBLIKA Servisné obmedzenia
Help desk číslo (+421) 250 102 612 - Poplatky sa môžu menit v závislosti od poskytovateľa služieb; presnú výšku poplatku si overte u Vášho poskytovateľa.
Otváracie hodiny Pondělí - Pátek 09:00 - 17:00
Internetový odkaz na technickú podporu http://www.canon.sk/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
Suisse Service restrictions Pas de restrictions.
Centre d'appel 0848 833 838 - Les tarifs peuvent varier en fonction de votre opérateur téléphonique. Contactez votre opérateur téléphonique pour connaître
Heures d'ouverture Du Lundi à Vendredi: 09,00 - 17,00
Site internet http://fr.canon.ch/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
Suomi Huoltorajoitukset Jos asut Pohjois-Suomen etäisissä alueissa ole ystävällinen ja ota huomioon että huollon suorittaminen voi kestää seuraavaan arkipäivään + 2 päivää.
Canon tukipalvelu 020 366 466 (8,28 snt/puhelu + 11,99 snt/min)
Aukioloajat Maanantaista Perjantaihin: 09,00 - 17,00
Linkki web-palveluun http://www.canon.fi/Support/Consumer_Products/Telephone_Numbers/telephone_numbers.aspx
SVERIGE Service-begränsningar För avlägsna delar i norra Sverige, vänligen acceptera nästföljande arbetsdag + 2 arbetsdagar.
Telefonsupport 08 519 923 69 - Kostnaden kan variera beroende på teleoperatör:
Våra öppettider Måndag till Fredag: 09,00 - 17,00
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GROSSBRITANNIEN UND NORDIRLAND Service restrictions For UK Mainland, Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland to perform the service during the next working day after your call is logged. For Channel Islands, Isle of Man & Scottish islands to perform the service within 24 working hours from when your call was logged.
Help Desk number 0844 369 0100 - Calls are charged at a local rate. The charges can vary depending on telecom provider; please check with your telecom provider to find out the exact charges.
Opening hours Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
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