Beyond the page – time for Print Service Providers to evolve?

Understandably, Print Service Providers (PSPs) have always focussed on what they’re good at – printed communications. Findings from the latest Canon Insight Report, Building your future with print, support this and indicate that they’re meeting their customers’ needs on this front. But is it time for PSPs to think more comprehensively beyond the realms of print to offer something new to remain competitive?

Research suggests that while PSPs are offering good value for money and producing work on time, many of their customers want more innovation and creativity. One way of achieving this is by integrating print with non-print media to create more valuable and effective communication. However just under half of print buyers feel that their PSPs are failing to meet their non-print needs, with only 56 per cent[1] feeling that they’re made aware of new developments and alternative communications.

Fortunately PSPs recognise the need to change, with 80 per cent[2] of PSPs recognising that they can’t continue to do things the way they previously have. The key to this could be how they position themselves as a print operation, as well as how their customers perceive them. For PSPs, this can seem daunting. The majority disclosed that they find differentiating their business within the market difficult, often relying on quality of service, industry experience, turnaround times and smarter solutions, such as logistics, to help them stand out.

Fortunately help is at hand via manufacturer initiatives such as Canon’s Essential Business Builder Program, which provide the insight and inspiration to help PSPs adapt and serve the modern demands of the print buyer. The Building your future with print 2014 Insight Report established that 42 per cent[3] of print buyers want their PSPs to make use of latest technologies and applications and 34 per cent[4] seek a wider range of services including web design, email marketing and multi-channel campaign coordination.

Through Canon’s training courses, workshops and regular consultations, a PSP can re-evaluate their business and their service offering to identify exactly what their customers want, and how they can provide it.

The communications landscape is evolving – are you ready to be part of it?


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