Majority of print buyers unaware of non-print services offered by Print Service Providers

The majority of print buyers, specifically marketers, recognise the effectiveness of multi-channel campaigns to reach a wider audience. However Canon’s latest Insight Report Building your future with print has revealed that while over two-thirds of print buyers are using a combination of channels for their marketing communications, only 20 per cent[1] of Print Service Providers (PSPs) actually offer multi-channel services.

Interestingly, multi-channel campaigns utilise the very platform and services that m any respondent PSPs now offer, such as web design (86 per cent[2]), email marketing (77 per cent[3]), social media marketing (56 per cent[4]), interactive print using tags such QR codes (51 per cent[5]) and mobile marketing (51 per cent[6]). Despite this, print buyers at large are unaware that their PSP offer these non-print services i.e. only 37 per cent[7] are aware that their PSP offers web design and 29 per cent[8] that they offer email marketing.

This indicates that PSPs are missing a golden opportunity to develop their business, with only 20% integrating these services to offer a multi-channel proposition. This lack of awareness among print buyers has led them elsewhere for guidance and support on campaigns that combine print and other media, such as speaking to colleagues, using internet search engines, consulting case studies and magazines, and contacting media agencies. Only half go directly to their PSPs[9].

PSPs not currently offering such a proposition tend to cite lack of capability, investment or demand. However, considering that a vast majority of PSPs are offering the individual components that can be combined to create a multi-channel campaign, these challenges can be overcome with a holistic approach and the right support.

Many PSPs already have the toolbox to help build, manage and execute an engaging multi-channel marketing campaign – they just need to open it up and decide how to use these tools to grasp some of the many new business opportunities that are on offer as part of the multi-channel community. Initiatives such as Canon’s ‘The Essential Business Builder Program’ which now offers a workshop on the introduction to multi-channel, for example, is just one of many initiatives introduced by Canon to help PSPs effectively integrate multi-channel marketing services into their offering.


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