Unleash Applications

Unleash applications with UVgel printing technology from Canon

Life would be so much easier if you had one reliable, productive technology that would allow you to produce a wide range of applications anywhere on the quality scale, on almost any substrate.

We have developed Canon UVgel technology to enable you to take every opportunity to grow your business.

UVgel helps you to tackle a variety of applications head on such as: posters, banners, indoor/outdoor signage, POS, billboards, window graphics, decals and bespoke wall coverings.

  • UVgel is a low-heat process using LED curing, ensuring minimal media distortion and maximising the range of printable substrates, including thin and heat-sensitive media.
  • UVgel ink contains no water, which significantly reduces media swelling, improving dimensional consistency. This gives excellent results for applications requiring multiple tiled panels, such as wall coverings.
  • Prints are durable, lightfast and abrasion-resistant, making them suitable for demanding outdoor applications.
  • UVgel has been developed to be odourless and ultra-low in VOCs, so prints are ideal for sensitive indoor environments.
  • The flat profile of the UVgel dot gives you smooth prints that are easy to laminate straight off the printer, for heavy duty applications such as long-term floor graphics.

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