Building strategies for success

Building strategies for success

The Business and Innovation Scan for Graphic Arts is a business assessment tool from Canon that helps Print Service Providers (PSPs) review their business strategies and adapt them to the changing market. Each scan begins with a three- to four-hour workshop that reviews a PSP’s business situation and focuses on the specific applications they produce. The outcome is a report that proposes an appropriate strategic direction and action plan.

Frank Coolen, Production Manager of the graphics division at MTB Maastricht in the Netherlands says: “The scan took us on a journey which enabled us to look more objectively at the business, understand our strengths and weaknesses, pin-point our USPs and determine what resources we would need to achieve our objectives. Importantly, it laid the foundations for how we could take the business forward with the needs of both our staff and customers as the primary driver.”

Canon conducted over 100 Business and Innovation Scans for Graphic Arts in 2013. A new version of the Business and Innovation Scan tailored for in-house print departments has now also been launched.

The Business and Innovation Scan for In-house Print Centres helps in-house PSPs better understand the impact of current trends on their print operations and their capabilities to meet present and future challenges. It can also help identify new opportunities to add value to their organisations.

The scan involves an on-site workshop for the manager of the in-house print centre with a Canon consultant. The resulting report analyses the centre’s current business situation with regard to cost control, productivity, print applications, marketing and promotion, business integration, security, sustainability and more. It also suggests improvement areas and outlines a recommended action plan, so that PSPs can build a strategy to enhance their print centre’s performance.

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