The secret to linking CRD success to business success

The secret to linking CRD success to business success

Canon has launched a series of print management guides for Central Reprographic Departments (CRDs) as part of its Essential Business Builder Program.

Entitled CRD Performance Enhancement Essentials, the guides are based on the findings of independent research into CRDs and in-depth interviews with CRD managers, print buyers and industry observers.

They have been developed as a resource to help organisations enhance their CRD’s performance and effectiveness, and offer both strategic and practical advice on key areas of modern CRD management.

The guides discuss how CRDs can become an integral part of the business success of their organisation, by reducing costs while simultaneously enhancing the productivity, quality and value of its print and overall communications.

In addition, CRDs will also learn how they can demonstrate their department’s contribution to the organisation and attract the attention of top-decision makers. The guides also examine how to combine design, printing and print-buying with the support of improved digital technology, which enables added-value services such as web-to-print and cross-media applications, and in-house finishing.

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