Broadening horizons


Canon UK’s recent customer days at its new customer-centric experience Horizons gave PSPs access to demonstrations of professional and wide format print products and solutions, as well as seminars, innovative applications and customer success stories.

Nigel Harvey, Operations Manager, Document Solutions at Sodexo is one of the customers who attended. He said: “It was a very different experience to your usual customer days. The seminars – whilst very organised and thorough – were also very flexible and interactive and we could jump in with questions at any point. This made it more personal and productive. Canon raised lines of discussion and new ways of thinking that are ‘outside the box’, and demonstrated how – as a partner – it could help grow our business through new revenues streams.”

Gary Livermore, Director at Print Warehouse, commented: “Customer experiences like Horizons are vital in keeping up with the latest technologies, equipment and techniques of this fast-evolving and varied industry. I enjoyed the seminars, which covered a wide range of subjects from digital photo production to web-to-print. The potential of the former was a real eye-opener, while the W2P session cemented some of beliefs I already had, inspiring me to improve on our current service offering. It was absolutely worthwhile attending.”

John Price, Print Manager, Document Solutions at Wigan Council, added: “I found the day very useful. Beyond the impressive breadth of the company’s portfolio of technologies and solutions, Canon really illustrated the value of print and its integral role within the communications mix. There is still great value in the touch and feel of a printed document - it just needs to be utilised in the right way alongside other channels of communication. We discussed the most effective ways to do this, including integrating print with online via cross media. I left the experience with plenty of food for thought.”

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