A more flexible e-commerce and web-to-print solution


Canon recently announced the immediate availability of version 6.6 of EFI Digital StoreFront®, a flexible, dual-purpose web-to-print solution for Print Service Providers (PSPs).

Digital StoreFront (DSF) helps PSPs meet their clients’ print communication needs, while providing seamless integration to print production. The solution also enables them to expand their offerings by providing higher value applications such as personalised print products, kits and customer catalogues.

DSF 6.6 offers PSPs the option to either host the solution themselves or ‘in the cloud’ with the DSF Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. This flexibility means that the solution can meet the needs of PSPs who prefer to retain full control by hosting their own software, as well as those of PSPs who lack the IT infrastructure, time or resources to implement a self-hosted solution.

The SaaS model opens web-to-print up to PSPs looking to take their first steps into e-commerce and cross-media.

DSF 6.6 has been optimised for mobile usage, in line with the growing trend for both consumers and business users to access the internet via mobile devices.

With mobile use in mind, the solution makes it easy to import documents and images from cloud-based digital asset repositories such as Google™ Drive, Dropbox™ and EFI PrintMe®. Switching between Adobe® Flash® and HTML views when constructing orders is also possible, ensuring a hassle-free experience for mobile users whose devices don’t support Flash.

DSF 6.6 is an excellent option for PSPs taking their first steps into web-to-print, as well as those who want their solution to work harder for them.

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