New Océ PlotWave® black & white wide format printers save time and money

New Océ PlotWave

Canon has launched two new additions to its black and white wide format portfolio – the Océ PlotWave® 340 and Océ PlotWave 360. Both help customers save time and money when printing, copying and scanning technical documents.

These latest models represent a new standard in user interaction and cloud integration. They are designed to meet the needs of technical users who collaborate on projects via online portals or the cloud, and who require more flexibility from their multifunctional printing system.

The Océ PlotWave 340 and Océ PlotWave 360 feature a new Océ ClearConnect multi-touch user panel, inspired by tablet technology. This enables operators to open a document, zoom in and out and pan to specific areas. In addition, they can view a live ‘what you see is what you print’ preview while scanning or copying, which helps to avoid costly errors.

Files can be pulled to the new Océ PlotWave printers from cloud-enabled workflows and scanned to a cloud location of the user’s choice. This simplifies document workflows, especially when working jointly on a project with people in other locations. Users can also print files from a USB stick or other network locations.

Both models can print up to six A1 plots in one minute, with virtually no warm-up time thanks to Océ Radiant Fusing technology. Users can go from click to print-in-hand in less than 40 seconds, compared to the four minutes typical of conventional printers.

Users can send documents to print from their desktop PC via Océ Publisher Select. It’s even possible to print from a mobile phone, via the Océ Publisher mobile app.

The Océ PlotWave machines can print whilst simultaneously copying or scanning. Users can also configure them with in-line folding options to transform large-scale project plans and diagrams into more desk-friendly formats.

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