Imaging innovation stories

Imaging innovation stories

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Image of robot in action in retail store

CoBots and Snapshots

Fellow Robots, a Silicon Valley robotics company specialises in retail inventory tracking cobots shop assistants. Is this the future of retail?

Abstract image of ink in fluid.

How similar are blood and ink?

Professors from the Max Planck Center for complex fluid dynamics share parallels between hemodynamics (the study of blood flow) and print

Image of young girl and her father looking at the rubble of the school.

In times of conflict

A school in Iraq was destroyed during the Battle of Ramadi. After its rebuild, the students were taught how to tell their story through photography.

Image of Wim Tellier's 'respect' installation

An impression of infinity

Artist Wim Tellier turns photography into huge installations of 'landscape art'. The latest is a 1km long print installation entitled 'Share'.