How Canon’s Workflow Program delivers results

The workflow wheel can be used as a diagnostic tool, enabling analysis of a customer's print production processes (which typically account for over 90% of total print costs). Only when this evaluation has been completed do we begin to identify suitable products and solutions.

In each of the five areas of the wheel you specify what is important to your business success.

Production Workflow
In this section we seek to help you define your key business differentiators or competitive advantages so that together we can develop an immediate focus and prioritise opportunities.

Information Management
Inefficiencies and errors at this stage of the process can drain profit from a job. By integrating accounting and invoicing, measuring profitability and efficiently archiving documents, you can maximise cash flow and prospects for financial success.

This section explores how print jobs and related information is received from end users in an efficient and productive manner. It seeks to understand if there are any areas that can be improved, driving efficiencies and improving customer service.

Once the job is ready, it's crucial that you are maximising revenue by printing and finishing work to professional standards, making the best use of all print devices in your production facility. We can help you to identify any areas where you may be able to improve performance.

From creating and editing documents through to proofing and approval procedures, delays at this stage of the process can have knock-on effects. Minimise time spent on these tasks to improve your responsiveness and flexibility.


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