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Tudo o que necessita apenas á distância de um clique

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Tire fotografias nítidas com as novas PowerShot e IXUS

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Loja Canon

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Canon- Loja de Imagem

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As it’s important to always use Canon accessories and consumables with your Canon device, it’s frustrating when you find shops don’t stock the ones you use regularly - or suddenly want. That’s why we’ve created the Canon Store.

It’s the place to go for all your Canon needs - be it an all-weather case or glossy photo paper for that special shot.

What’s more, if you’ve already registered your Canon products with us, the Canon Store will automatically list the available accessories and consumables that match.

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Shopping at the Canon Store really couldn’t be any simpler, but to make it even easier on your pocket, we’re offering free delivery on any products you buy before 15th November.

So whether you need a battery grip for an EOS 40D or ink cartridge for a PIXMA, just visit the Canon Store here.

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Loja Canon

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Comprar na loja Canon nunca foi tão fácil!