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Improve the composition of your videos


One of the beautiful things about photography is the scope for creative freedom and emotional expression it offers. So it may seem slightly constrictive to discuss the rules of composition – particularly when you’re enjoying your summer holiday. But knowing some simple composition rules can help make your images more pleasing to the eye. Here we discuss how composition can help you order the way things are arranged in your images - and how using the rules can help you control them.

When you’re shooting movie footage outdoors, you will be able to improve your framing and keep the horizon level by switching on the grid-lines overlay from your LEGRIA camera menu.

It’s hard to watch videos where the horizon line is just slightly tilted. It feels like the picture is falling or sliding to one side. However, you can intentionally move the camera off to a steeper angle for interesting compositions.

Going Dutch with St Johns - Ian Sane

This intentional tilt is often called a Dutch or German angle and is used in many feature films to create tension or disorientation - so use the tilt sparingly on your family videos. If you tilt one shot to the left, then try to capture the next one with a tilt to the right.

You can use it to convey the tension and fun of exploring a new city, but don’t turn the camera too far - and be sure to mix the tilt with more regular level footage.

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