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Improve the composition of your prints

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One of the beautiful things about photography is the scope for creative freedom and emotional expression it offers. So it may seem slightly constrictive to discuss the rules of composition – particularly when you’re enjoying your summer holiday. But knowing some simple composition rules can help make your images more pleasing to the eye. Here we discuss how composition can help you order the way things are arranged in your images - and how using the rules can help you control them.

Leading Lines - Andrew Thackway
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When you print images using your PIXMA printer, you have the choice to crop your photos, using Canon’s My Image Garden software, to enhance the composition.

You can also use My Image Garden to easily create and print photo collages. Select from a range of great templates and display your photos in a creative way.

Crop your prints for the best effect

Whether you use My Image Garden’s cropping tools or use another creative app, take some time to experiment with different crops. For landscape images, choose a panoramic crop to create a wide image. Even printing multiple images in a line will give the panoramic effect if you’ve captured them well.

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