Canon Ambassador: Richard Walch

© Richard Walch. Canon Ambassador
Shot on
EOS 5D Mark II; EF8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM, Exposure 1/250, f/6.3, ISO 100

'This shot was taken in "my backyard". I know the place inside out, for example when there will be 30cm of fresh snow. Although the location was quite easy to get to, the difficulty was that I had no visual contact with the snowboarder as he was above the cliff. We had a radio connection and a snowball connection. I threw a snowball up so he knew where I was and he threw a snowball down so I knew what line he was taking.'

'Once I created a platform in the snow and set up the shot, I radioed "Go!". We had agreed his trick (an early grab) beforehand and the powder snow gave the wonderful spray behind. Because the frame was completely arranged to get the composition, the shot was taken as a set of about six in one take. The frame is locked so I sequence his movement through it. It is a landscape shot and I added the action.'

'Renilla, the snowboarder, is a good friend and we've worked together many times so he knows what I need. Although the shoot was done in 10 minutes, it represents years of preparation. It had to be quick, to be done by 8.15am. By 8.25am, ski groups were already stopping where he was landing!'

What are your plans for 2013?
'I am really excited by the new combination of still photography and filming. So I have fun at the moment learning more about filming  every day. Coming from the photography side I have a different approach. I am lucky with EOS cameras, I buy a still camera and get a video camera as well. So in 2013 I am looking at more opportunities to combine them.'

'I'm also looking to combine sports photography with other areas. I have worked with a German magazine that combines car, sports and lifestyle elements. It is interesting to be shooting a car but in a sports environment. I am on home ground but bringing in a new element.'

Finally, one piece of advice for You Connect members
When you arrive at a new location:
'Ask the question, “What's new, what's different?” then photograph the answer.'

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Richard Walch