Secure cloud storage: 7 promises Project1709 makes (and keeps)

There has been a lot of controversy lately over whether or not you can trust cloud services with your images. A recent study by the International Telecommunications Council (IPTC) reported that a number of popular image sharing platforms strip out important metadata resulting in it becoming impossible to find out who the photographer was by examining the image alone. And this is just one concern we face when choosing where – and even if – to share our photographs online.


Fortunately, there are a number of cloud storage services we can trust. Canon's Project1709 platform, in particular, was designed with photographers in mind and holds true to several promises that photographers hold dear.

Below we've listed the top seven most important reasons.

1. Won't strip metadata from your images
Project1709 makes the management of your images' metadata a key feature of the platform - not a nuisance that other platforms strip away. You can ensure that your image copyright, settings and all other vital information is safe and will never be removed.

2. You retain ownership of your images
Uploading your images to Project1709 doesn't grant Canon ownership of your files. You will still retain all intellectual property rights over the content you upload, including the copyright.

3. Your images won't be used in third-party advertising
Any content you upload to Project1709 you grant permission to Canon to use solely for the purpose of providing you with Project1709's services. Your files won't be passed on to third parties who might want to use your images for commercial purposes.

4. If you choose to delete your images or your profile, your files will not be kept
Most people never consider this is a possibility, but many cloud storage providers will retain your images even if you delete them. Photobucket, for example, reserves the right to retain your images as needed, even if you choose to remove them. With Project1709, if you wish to remove any of your files, they are yours to remove and you can have peace of mind that your image won't be kept on Project1709 to reappear again in the future.

5. Canon will protect your intellectual property rights
If someone has uploaded your work without asking your permission, Canon reserves the right to remove any content if it infringes your rights. Anyone who repeatedly infringes other people's work could be permanently barred from the site.

6. Your information is safe
Canon won't sell on or provide your information to third parties for commercial purposes. Information you submit as part of your registration to Project1709 will be kept private.

7. Won't sell your images
As explained above, you retain the ownership of your images when you upload them to Project1709. This means that Canon won't sell on or distribute your files to third parties. Register now.

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