Auto Photo Fix II makes great prints easy from your PIXMA

Do you have photos you’d like to print but haven’t because you know could have taken better? Or would you simply like to maximise the quality of your prints without doing a thing, avoiding the hours trying to get the image just right?

If so then Canon has the solution with Auto Photo Fix II technology included in the Easy-PhotoPrint EX software, you can download it here for PC or MAC.

Auto Photo Fix II automatically analyses images and optimises settings to make sure you get the best prints possible. It will work from a memory card or PictBridge connection as well as with your computer.

It checks your photos area by area and determines the correct level of exposure. This means that backlit images look natural, whilst shots taken at night regain the dramatic contrast between light and dark.

It even features Red Eye correction which combined with its exposure optimisation makes certain that faces in printed portraits are as beautiful as you remember them!



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