Get out and about to capture colour this spring

Paris, France

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They've written songs about it, they've made movies about it - can there be any city more beautiful in the springtime than Paris? Thanks to Eugène Atget's images of early 20th Century Paris, it's widely regarded as the birthplace of street photography, but in the springtime it's the city's gardens and parks that will really take your breath away.

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The Netherlands

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No doubt you've seen the iconic images of Holland's flowers. Well why not choose this year to go and capture them for yourself? Take a bicycle tour along the Flower Bulb Route in May to see the multi-coloured tulips.

Don't fancy cycling? Try the Keukenhof Gardens instead. Though it covers 79 acres and is home to over 7 million tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, Keukenhof means 'kitchen garden' and takes its name from its rather more humble beginnings providing herbs for the castle kitchen.

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Tivoli, Denmark

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For the Danes, the arrival of spring is when Tivoli Gardens first opens its doors to the public – something it’s been doing since 1843. The gardens and rides will keep you busy through the day while shows and restaurants will take up your evenings. And all in a riot of colour that will brighten any photograph. No wonder it's Denmark's most popular tourist attraction.

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Titchwell Marsh, UK

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© Andy Vernon

Awarded as one of the UK's best places for wildlife, Titchwell Marsh is a pretty exciting place to be in the spring. Migrants such as swallows and sand martins are returning from their winter breaks and can be seen over the lagoons with wheatears along the beach. May is the time to spot migrating waders including ruffs, black tailed godwits, spotted redshanks and dunlins. And for a real acrobatic treat, catch the marsh harriers performing their 'sky dancing'.

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The Spanish certainly know how to throw a party that gathers a crowd. And spring is full of festivals that will add their own vibrancy to your photos. From the flamboyance and energy of festivals such as San Isidro in Madrid or the Horse fair in Jerez through to the peaceful calm of the Patios de Cordoba - a chance to experience the sights and smells of the lovingly kept private gardens of proud Andalucians.

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