Come and See

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Our new campaign invites you to step in and explore the exciting new world of Canon. It’s an inspiring place which will encourage you to look more deeply at the world and to capture the stories that unfold around you every day.

We hope those stories inspire you to create, share and save outstanding images and memorable moments.

Join us in celebrating the striking, revealing and thrilling opportunities that the world offers if you are willing to explore a little further; to go round a different corner or turn left when you usually go right.

To kick things off, we've created the first of several films. It showcases an Italian Calcio Storico match – a ‘historic football’ game which is more like a battle of gladiators than an international football match. Competitors dressed in medieval clothes tackle, wrestle and chase each other wildly to get the ball and win the ultimate sporting trophy – a prize cow.

The film is produced and directed by critically acclaimed British filmmaker, Jonathan Glazer.

He is best known for his revolutionary feature films, music videos and television adverts.

We can't wait to share more films with you in the future so you can see the many other ways our world offers more to see than first meets the eye.

Watch the Gladiator Football film

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