How can I add colour and effects to my photos and videos?

News Simple Guide Canon's PowerShot and IXUS cameras have a range of easy-to-use Creative Filters that will change the look of your photos and videos, adding drama to your images. Look out for the symbol to the right on your camera.

Super Vivid:
Boosts the colour saturation of your videos and photos.

Poster Effect:
Reduces the tonal gradation of your videos and photos to make them look like old posters or illustrations.

Fish-eye Effect:
Gives a circular distortion to your photos similar to shooting with a fish-eye lens. It often works best with spherical subjects, emphasising their shape. The filter lets you select the level of the effect from three settings.

The same image captured with different Effect Levels: Off & High

Miniature Effect:
Blurs the top and bottom of an image to give the impression that you are shooting a small-scale model. The effect lets you select the area that is in focus and with movies you choose the playback speed (5x, 10x, 20x) to give a more realistic look of a miniature scene.

Toy Camera Effect:
Darkened, blurred image corners (called vignetting) and altered colour balance give your still photos the look of an old toy camera. You can also adjust the colour to be cooler or warmer than standard.

The same image captured with different selectable color tones: Standard, Cool & Warm

As an alternative to adding colour to your still and moving images, Monochrome lets you choose between black & white and sepia. There is also the option of blue & white which gives your photos a cooler tone.

The same image captured with different selectable color tones: B/W, Sepia, Blue

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