A beginner’s guide to Project1709

Canon’s Project1709 doesn’t come with instructions. That’s because it’s a simple, intuitive process to upload your photos, view and share them (to Facebook). However, if you want to get up and running with it quickly, follow these steps…


Step 1: Sign in to the beta
Once you've registered for the Project1709 beta and received your email invitation to join, it's time to sign in. You can use your Google, Facebook, Yahoo or Microsoft passwords to do this.


Step 2: Check out the Project1709 FAQ and news
To familiarize yourself with the latest Project1709 info and developments, use the About and FAQs tabs at the top of the page. In the About section, you'll also find a News updates tab, where you can catch up on the weekly Project1709 newsletters. Top tip: you can also access this information by clicking on the '+' symbol on the top-left of the screen when viewing your photos.


Step 3: Upload photos
Click the Upload tab and you'll be presented with three ways to get your photos into the platform. The fastest and most flexible option is the desktop uploader - currently only available in PC format - but you can also upload pictures through the website or via Facebook. Start with the Selective upload (via the web).


Step 4: View your photos
Once your pictures are uploaded, mouse over the My photos drop-down tab at the top of the page. You can select All photos or the Latest uploads using the drop-down that appears. Latest uploads presents your pictures in a tiled format, while All photos groups your photos by shooting date (which is taken from the EXIF data of the image file). You can then drill down through your collection by selecting a specific year, month or day. Alternatively, use the tag or camera filters.


Step 5: Tag your photos
You'll need to add tags to your photos when you import them. You can do this when you view individual images (click the tag icon on the right of the screen, next to the EXIF data). However, you can add tags to multiple pictures by clicking the large Tag symbol on the right of the screen in All photos or Latest uploads, then clicking on a set of pictures.


Step 6: Share your photos
When you're viewing an image, click on the sharing icon on the right to send it to your Facebook album. More sharing services are going to be made available soon. To download an image - either full res or screen res - mouse over the download icon at the bottom of the screen, next to the thumbnail viewer.

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