How can I take more control of my photos?

Great pictures are simple to take with your PowerShot or IXUS using Smart Auto. But have you tried the easy to use SCN Modes that set up your camera for specific situations? Here are just a few of the many possibilities.

Picture_News-01-image01.jpg Smart Shutter
Smart Shutter makes sure that you are in the photo but lets you choose when it is taken. There are three ways to control it:
Picture_News-01-image02.jpg Smile mode lets the camera capture the image as soon as a smile is detected.
Colors, © Alfonso Romano 2011
Picture_News-01-image04.jpg Wink Self-Timer fires the shutter on your camera automatically about 2 seconds after it detects a wink.
Picture_News-01-image05.jpg Face Self-Timer will take a photo approximately 2 seconds after the camera detects a face entering the scene for a self-portrait or a new face joins a group in a group shot.
Picture_News-01-image06.jpg Handheld Night Scene
Handheld Night Scene lets you shoot great nightscape photos without the need to put your camera on a surface or tripod. Your camera takes a series of shots and then combines them into a single image for minimum noise and blur.
Picture_News-01-image07.jpg High-speed Burst HQ
High-speed Burst HQ lets you capture just the right moment. It allows a short sequence of full resolution images to be captured, shooting at up to 14 shots per second*.
Picture_News-01-image08.jpg Portrait
Portrait Mode brings your subject into focus while beautifully blurring the background. Smooth Skin Mode is also available which automatically recognizes skin tones and selectively applies smoothness to them.

Southend firescape, © Gaz Barker 2012
Picture_News-01-image10.jpg Fireworks
Fireworks Mode helps you to capture the vivid colour of fireworks. For best effect, it is recommended that your camera is placed on a firm surface or tripod and the IS Mode is switched to "Off".

To learn about more of the SCN modes on your camera, check your User Guide. You can download it here.

* Total images captured and continuous shooting speed in High-speed Burst HQ varies depending on model.

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