All you need to take great summer holiday photos

Summer holidays are a great opportunity to take photos - capturing pictures of our loved ones and the different places we visit.

Take everything you need
When on holiday you often need to carry your camera around for long periods of time. For this reason, a soft camera case is a really good way to keep it close to hand and protect it from damage. There are cases specifically designed for Canon’s range of digital cameras.

If you have an EOS then consider getting a filter for your lens before you travel. Some simply protect your lens from damage, whilst others, such as a polariser, will enhance your photos.

If you are going somewhere with amazing sea life, splash out on a waterproof case so you can capture the magic down as far as 40 metres beneath the waves. On selected Canon digital compact cameras there is also a special underwater scene mode to make the colours look natural.

You can find the right accessories for your camera by looking at its product specification. Find your camera. 

Take advantage of Canon’s technical expertise
If your camera features special scene modes there are several that are useful such as Beach, Sunset, Low Light and Foliage. Simply select the right one and your camera takes over. Alternatively if you own a newer model with Smart Auto Mode you can let it determine the most appropriate settings for the picture. Check the manual to discover which features your camera has and how to use them.

Smart Flash Exposure is available on certain cameras and adjusts the level of flash depending on the situation. So, during the day when you are out in the sun the flash will fire to prevent shadows appearing on the subject’s face. Then when you’re enjoying the nightlife the flash will automatically be optimised to overcome that stark, unnatural feel you can sometimes get.

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