PIXMA tips

Whether you’re visiting somewhere new or capturing the place you live, it’s always worth trying to find ways of shooting that will help you create more interesting, distinctive images.

The best paper for your pictures

When you’ve worked hard to create a beautiful image, you’ll want to share it. And printing it out to create a real object from your work is a great way to celebrate and showcase your achievement.

PIXMA tips - Canon
Hiroyuki Takeda, Boundary zone
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The right paper can make a big difference to your finished product. Artistic views are ideal for printing on matte or fine-art papers, adding texture and depth, whereas glossy papers can help project more vibrant and colourful prints. Knowing your papers is a bit like knowing your lenses – choose the right paper for the right result.

Preparing for framing

If you’re planning to frame your photo, it’s a good idea to leave a margin around the edge of the page. That way the picture can be put behind a photo mount in the frame. This stops the print itself being pressed against the glass, and ensures your photo will last longer.