Tutorial: Alternative Seasonal Photography

Photo booth

If you are having a party, a fun idea that creates great memories is a photo booth.

Set up a corner of a room as a small photo studio. All you need is a plain background (such as curtains or a painted wall) and a camera on a tripod. With an ISO setting of 800 or 1600 you may well not need to use flash, but this is an option. Then ask your guests to take a photo of themselves at some point in the evening.


You can use the Self-Timer on your EOS or a Remote Controller such as the RS-6. All guests have to do is stand in front of the camera and press the button on the handheld remote unit. You might need to tie the remote to a chair with a long piece of string so that it does not go missing. You can upload the images to your CANON iMAGE GATEWAY then let all your guests have access to the gallery.

With some time off, the festive period is the perfect time to learn a little more about your camera and try out some new ideas. So charge the battery, make sure there’s plenty of capacity on your memory card and then go out and create a memorable and alternative photo.

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