Tutorials: Autumn Photography

Autumn is the season to explore colour photography. With its wide range of colours; rich palette of browns, splashes of reds, hints of yellows and touches of greens, autumnal photography has much to offer the photographer.


To help you capture the best of autumn, this tutorial will cover:

• ‘My Colors’ and ‘Picture Style’
• White balance
• Polarising filters
• Suggestions for photographic subjects

My Colors
The ‘My Colors’ menu (IXUS and PowerShot models) offers a wide range of options to control the colour in your photos. ‘Neutral’ usually gives the most accurate colours, but these often appear muted when viewed on a computer screen. If you want to bring your images of autumn leaves to life, try using ‘Vivid Red’.

‘My Colors’: ‘Neutral’, ‘Vivid Red’

Experiment with ‘My Colors’ settings by first shooting a scene in ‘Neutral’ and then in one or more of the other options. You will soon learn which settings suit your favourite subjects.

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