Picture Style

EOS cameras use ‘Picture Style’ settings to control colours. ‘Landscape’ provides vivid blues and greens. There is no default equivalent of ‘Vivid Red’ for your autumn photography, but ‘Picture Style Editor’ software, available on the CD supplied with the camera, allows you to create your own custom settings.


Additional style files can be downloaded from CANON iMAGE GATEWAY. There are currently seven new ‘Picture Style’ files available, including ‘Autumn Hues’. This saturates reds and yellows to give vivid colours and balances these with blues and greens.

Up to three additional ‘Picture Style’ files – created by you or Canon – can be uploaded to a compatible EOS camera, ready for use with any subject.

‘Picture Style’: ‘Neutral’, ‘Autumn Hues’

Processing the image later
Alternatively, shoot with the neutral ‘My Colors’ or ‘Picture Style’ setting and process your images on a computer later. Canon Digital Photo Professional software, supplied with EOS and some PowerShot cameras, makes it easy to alter the saturation and hue of your images, along with other parameters. If your camera can shoot RAW files it is best to use that format if you plan to make a lot of post-exposure changes, but it is also possible to modify JPEG images. RAW and JPEG file types are set using one of your camera’s menu screens; check the manual for details.


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