Autumn studio

There is no shortage of autumn subjects for your camera. It is the best time of year to shoot many rural landscapes, especially those with a mass of trees.


Look for examples in local parks and be ready to shoot as soon as the colours change. The yellow, green and red leaves might only be on display for a few days before they begin to fall. Fallen leaves, though, can also offer a colour subject for your camera. Fill the frame with a mass of leaves at your feet, or move in close to focus on just one or two attractive, colourful leaves.

Autumn sunsets are often splendid. Take a series of photographs at different exposures (for example, use a fixed shutter speed and shoot with a range of aperture settings). There is no ‘correct’ exposure for a sunset – you can choose the result you like best and discard the rest. Do remember to set the white balance to daylight to ensure you don’t lose the full lustre of the golden colours.

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