Cities are diverse places. The feelings they provoke in residents and visitors are as complex as their infrastructure. Our tutorials this month show how you can capture people’s feelings to convey a perspective which reveals something about real urban lives. By showing people in your photography you can tell richer stories about city life, rather than simply shooting buildings or landmarks.

Convey the pace of people in the city

When shooting with your LEGRIA, you can edit your movie to convey the pace of life in the city.

If you’re shooting in a larger city, like Rome or London, where people’s hustle and bustle define everyday life, then pace your movie to match. Use the Video Snapshot mode to capture multiple short clips of video that you can then edit together to show the rapid pace of the busy city. Change the zoom and isolate small details to help complete the visual story. A tight shot can be really useful to link the main clips together.

City Portraits - Canon
Joe Hunt
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Camera position

Slower-paced cities, such as Seville or Dublin, require a different approach with longer clips to convey their more tranquil rhythms. It is essential when shooting these slower-paced clips to capture plenty of ‘b-roll’ sequences that can be used to link the story between the main shots. This could include the changing of a set of traffic lights, or people waiting to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing. If the city is more about green spaces, make sure to be there when the space is quiet and tranquil. This will help to set the background for your video story.