Photography Tutorial : Colour Management

Creating a consistent colour workflow
There is a relatively simple way to maintain a consistent and accurate colour workflow – use cameras, printers, inks, papers and software from the same manufacturer. This might sound like blatant advertising for Canon products, but it is simple common sense. Canon wants you to get the best possible results from its imaging equipment, so it calibrates everything to work together. Here are some recommendations.

* Set your camera to the sRGB colour space (unless you are working for an agency, printer or publisher that requires Adobe RGB files).

* Use at least a basic calibration process for your computer monitor.

* Use Canon software to print from your computer. After you have made any changes to the image, save the file as a JPEG. Then open the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint application supplied with most Canon ink-jet printers. This deceptively simple piece of software not only lets you choose the paper size and number of images printed to each sheet, but also asks you to select the type of Canon paper being used (Photo Paper Pro, Glossy, Matte, Plain, etc.). The output will be slightly different for each type of paper. There is also an option for ‘Vivid Photo’, which increases the colour saturation.

* Always use a Canon ink-jet printer with genuine Canon ink cartridges and Canon ink-jet paper.

To learn more about the nuts and bolts of colour management, visit CANON iMAGE GATEWAY. This has a series of articles designed to show you how to use the specific settings within your printer driver to make small but significant changes to the colours that appear. Click here to explore the skills of colour management further.

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