Compact camera tutorial

Explore the world from different perspectives

This month is all about seeing life from fresh points of view. Come and share in our story of two Russian adventurers, Vadim and Vitaliy, who spend their lives exploring the world's most fascinating cities from breath-taking angles.

When it comes to your own photos, offering a different perspective isn't about climbing buildings to capture something from a different angle. It's about telling a story through fresh eyes and evoking new emotions. This can be achieved by creating a mood, expressing ideas or telling a story through your photos.

Ideally, your image should make an impact on a viewer who is seeing it for the first time.

You can express ideas through composition. For example, you could show the contrasts in a busy city shot by focusing on somebody quietly meditating on a subway platform. Or you could get low down to shoot the feet of a crowd of commuters to express a different perspective on your daily journey to work. Check out our tutorials to learn more.

Creating a unique perspective can also be achieved by experimenting with colour. Read on to discover how colour can shape the way we see things and add new shades of magic to your photography.

Capture your unique perspective

Colour is a powerful tool when capturing a different perspective using your IXUS or PowerShot camera. It can create or change the mood of a scene and help to express your story.

Using My Colors

A number of PowerShot / IXUS cameras have a My Colors function or Creative Filters. This allows you to capture a picture with you preferred look in-camera, without having to use a computer or any software.  This can be really effective in creating a mood or drawing attention to specific parts of the picture and altering the perspective of your image.

Using My Colors - Canon
© Vince Alongi - Canon Digital IXUS 70 - Color accent mode
creative commons licence

Using the Vivid setting increases the colour saturation for more powerful, brighter colours and enhances the flat look of overcast or foggy days.  Neutral offers reduced contrast and overall detail for easy to print images of bright sunny days, while Black & White allows you to create a monochrome image for added contrast and atmosphere. Try experimenting by taking the same shot with different colour accents to compare different perspectives on your scene or subject.